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Craig Campbell says his performance of Lorde's "Royals" immediately after last month's Grammy Awards was just the beginning. 

The country star tells the New Zealand star's hit has become a staple in his sets -- both with his full band and his solo acoustic shows.  He calls the song "an ear worm," explaining that "as soon as you hear it, it just get stuck."  But Craig adds that "Royals" has inspired another covers idea. 

He says he's working on a ten-minute medley that incorporates all types of songs that will sound like scanning stations on a radio.  Craig explains that it "may bounce from R&B to pop to country to easy listening to whatever." 

But Craig's cover of "Royals" hasn't pleased everyone.  He admits he's received "a few negative tweets about it" that include the hashtag "why."  But the singer says his response is "why not," adding that it's "a great song" and he's "having fun" with it. 

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