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March 14: Country Jailbirds...

March 14: Country Jailbirds...
Posted March 14th, 2014 @ 2:51pm

1972, California Governor Ronald Reagan pardons Merle Haggard for a 1957 attempted robbery that landed the singer in prison

>As of June 2013, 500 fugitives have been listed, 8 of them women, and 470 (94%) captured or located, 155 (31%) of them due to public assistance.
15 dismissed and 5 removed from the list.
Country Mug Shots:

Rodney Atkins:
Domestic abuse charges landed Rodney Atkins in front of the police camera in February of 2012, but the news about the charges didn’t come out until his wife filed for divorce a few weeks later.
The charges were later dropped as part of the divorce settlement.

Chris Cagle:
In May of 2008, Cagle got in a tussle with his girlfriend Jennifer Tant at the Player’s Bar in Nashville before the couple took the bout home. Cagle wielded Jennifer’s purse. Jennifer weilded an umbrella, and they both ended up in the big house. Police said they were both too drunk and disorderly to press any serious charges.

Glen Campbell:
In November of 2003, Campbell was arrested at his home near Phoenix, AZ after hitting and running while drunk in his BMW.
Then while Campbell was being processed, he kneed an officer in the leg, which added an aggravated assault of a police officer charge. Campbell pleaded down some of the counts, and eventually spent 10 days in jail.

Johnny Cash:
The first was after a trip to Mexico when he tried to hide 1,163 Dexedrine and Equanil tablets in his guitar case while crossing the border near El Paso, TX in 1965. Since the drugs were prescription instead of illegal narcotics, Cash received a suspended sentence.
He was arrested again in 1966 in Starkville, Miss. For picking flowers late at night. The property owner pressed trespassing charges, and Johnny spent time in the Starkville County Jail, resulting in the song of the same name.

David Allan Coe:
The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy was sent to a reform school at 9, and he spent much of the next 20 years in prison for crimes such as robbery and possession of obscene materials.
Coe liked to tell how he’d spent three months on death row after he killed another inmate who had made sexual advances toward him.
He was arrested in 2008 after an altercation in a casino when a misunderstanding about a jackpot resulted in security officers and police wrestling Coe to the ground.
Coe countersued in 2010 for false arrest and assault.
The entire altercation was caught on tape.

Kenny Chesney took off astride a Mounted Reserve deputy’s horse in Buffalo, NY, at the 2000 George Strait Country Music Festival.
Tim McGraw was arrested as well in that incident, since he and members of his entourage assaulted officers attempting to corral Chesney and the hijacked horse.
Both singers and McGraw’s road manger were later acquitted of all charges.

Billy Currington:
He threatened a 70-year-old boat captain for coming too close to his waterfront property in Tybee Island, Ga.
Currington was cited in April of 2013 for making “terroristic threats” and “abuse of an elder.”
Case is still pending.

Merle Haggard:
The Hag was arrested in 1957 shortly after he tried to rob a Bakersfield tavern. He was sent to Bakersfield Jail, and was later transferred after an escape attempt to San Quentin Prison.
He served 3 years and was in the audience when Johnny cash came there to perform.
After being released in 1960, Haggard said it took about four months to get used to being out and, at times, he actually wanted to go back in.

George Jones:
No mugshots of the Possum’s numerous run ins with the law during his drinking days have ever surfaced, but video did a few years ago from a George Jones documentary.

Wynonna Judd:
In 2003, she was pulled over for speeding and subsequently blew a .175, lading her in jail before she posted a $500 bail.
It all happened right down the street from Music Row, so maybe it’s true what they say about the country music industry driving artists to drink.

John Michael Montgomery:
He was arrested in 2006 and charged with driving under the influence and concealing two loaded firearms after leaving a bar where his musical career began in Lexington, KY.

Willie Nelson:
The trouble started for Willie Nelson way back in 1960 when he was arrested for speeding in Pasadena, TX (near Houston).
And then came the pot busts:
•1974 – For possession in Dallas, TX.
•1994 – For possession in Hewitt (near Waco) when Willie pulled his Mercedes off the side of the highway for a siesta and an officer found a joint in the ashtray and eventually a bag of marijuana. The judge ruled the evidence inadmissible and the charges were dropped.
•2006 – For possession in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana for one-and-a-half pounds of marijuana and 3 oz. of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Willie, his sister Bobbi, and Willie’s manager were all arrested, eventually receiving 6 months probation.
•2010 – For possession of 6 ounces of marijuana at the Sierra Blanca, Texas border checkpoint. Willie eventually only had to pay a fine.

Johnny Paycheck:
Spent 4 years battling an aggravated assault charge after shooting a man in a Hillsboro, Ohio bar during a brawl.
Though multiple appeals kept Paycheck out of prison for a while, he was finally sentenced to the Chillicothe Correctional Institute in 1989 where he served two years before being paroled, and later pardoned.

Randy Travis:
He was forced to pose for police camera twice in 2012; once after a drunken fight at a church, and the other after driving drunk….and naked.
That does not include his younger days when he was out of jail working as a dishwasher, took the stage on “open mic” night, then the owner of the club became his manger and later wife.

Hank Williams Jr.:
Charge from a 19-year-old in March of 2006 that said Jr. put her in a choke hold after she refused to kiss him.
Jr. turned himself in, and after finding out the girl was looking to cash in big on the accusation and that there was no real evidence of the altercation, the charges were dropped.

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