Here's the thing..

However truly wonderful the gift of pregnancy is,

I have to admit that there are a few downsides


Heartburn: OH the heartburn!

Is it healthy to eat Tums floating in Pepto like it's cereal?

...probably not.

Swollen feet: seriously, not just my clothes-I'm outgrowing my SHOES too?!
(Suddenly I have sympathy for Cinderella's poor, big-footed stepsisters)


The car situation: I'm short so I have to have my seat REALLY close to the steering wheel to reach the pedals...

My belly is starting to interfere with this arrangement.

Crying: seriously....all the time.

Not even things that I can convince myself are legit.

Just stuff like "Oh, that peanut butter expired yesterday?!"

*cue ALL the tears*

This morning, I discovered a surprising upside to my ever-expanding girth.

Turns out...



Clothes that you can barely squeeze into....

Magically get all the wrinkles stretched out.


No more ironing for the next three months

....and maybe a few after that

because someone going on that little sleep should not handle an iron.