She’s the tequila, he’s the salt and the lime.

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd prove they’re #RelationshipGoals every day on social media, and fans can’t get enough. 

Here are the 10 reasons Maren and Ryan are everyone’s new favorite power couple:

1. They support each other musically.

2. They road trip together. 

3. They don't take themselves too seriously.

4. They get each other’s humor.

5. They watch television classics together.

6. But sometimes they have different tastes in TV watching, but it still works.

7. They both are big supporters of women.

8. They dance together.

9. They vacation together.

10. They’re not afraid to show a little PDA on social media.

Never change, Maryan.

Maren is back in the studio recording her sophomore album before her summer tour with Sam Hunt starts. Ryan, meanwhile, just released his debut EP and has been on tour with Thomas Rhett in 2017.