This morning Dan and Josie talk with Korie Robertson, one of the Ladies of Duck Commander about coming to Huntsville, what it's like being married to one of the beards, and parenting advice for Josie.

Korie told them that she is loving taking a girl's trip all over the country with Mrs. Kay, Jessica, Missy, and Lisa! They decided to write a book after being asked so many times what's it like being married to the bearded men of Duck Commander.

Dan and Josie asked if they saw any of the comments calling the ladies gold diggers. Korie laughed and said that it always tickled them to see that because they have been with the guys for so long. She said she remembers living off mac & cheese and hot dogs!

So how did she meet her husband? She met the patriarch of the family first in 5th grade and Phil Robertson introduced her.

She said that she can't believe how well received the TV is and gives the credit to God. She said as a fan of Reality TV she thought the family would do well, but it is bigger than they could have ever imagined.

As the show progresses, she said she is glad that more and more sides are being shown of the family. She hopes that what little bit that people get to see shows all of their sides.

When Dan and Josie asked about Sadie's relationship with a young Madison Academy Football player in the area, Korie confirmed the relationship and said they had him at their house. In fact, they even took him on a shooting trip, but from the sound of her voice, he may not have been the best.

As far as advice for Joise being a new mom, Korie said to enjoy the time and don't take it too seriously.

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