On their way to work on their new album, The Band Perry took a few minutes to chat with Dan and Josie about Chainsaw, Marriage, and hitting the road with Blake Shelton.


Neil, Reid, and Kimberly have just celebrated the one year birthday of Pioneer with, of course, cake. They said that they are now heading back into the studio to get record some upbeat and vulnerable songs for their upcoming album.

Their current single, 'Chainsaw', is moving up the charts, but it wasn't all fun and games making the video. Kimberly told us that they got up at 4AM and went to bed at 4AM when they filmed in the remote location.

Because we follow the trio on facebook and twitter, Dan asked about the big toothbrush.

They will be hitting the road with Blake Shelton this summer and fall and apparently Neil shares a love of "terrible jokes" with Blake (and Josie if we're being honest).

In fact, Kimberly said that she and Reid sometimes scan Neil's social media to make sure he's not posting horrible jokes that might reflect on them!

In the midst of promoting 'Chainsaw', working on their upcoming album, and touring, Kimberly is planning to get married. She told us it's going to be a pop up wedding to fit everybody's schedule.

When Dan asked if any love was on the horizon for the two younger brothers, the answer is no, but Kimberly told us their day will come!

The next time you can catch the band will be at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. Oh, and they asked that you vote for them for a CMT Award!

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