Just after the MWR Arsenal Concert in 2008, I got a thank you card from a young singer named Taylor Swift.  Dingo and I had interviewed this cute young singer who was burning up up the country charts.  

I really appreciated the time it took to handwrite a thank-you note and send it my way.  I couldn't be happier for Taylor as I have watched her career in the music industry continue at the top.  Thank you notes are a lost art, but she is keeping it alive.

It's a thoughtful Throwback Thursday, and I want to give kudos to someone who took time to thank WDRM.

Thanks Taylor!


Check out how she has a wax seal on the back!

This is a nice card, and I am manly enough to say it is cute.

"Hey Dan!!  Just wanted to drop you a little note saying thank you.  You and Dingo are always HILARIOUS to talk to, and so nice.  I really appreciate it.  The show was so much fun the other nice, and I know you guys worked hard to get people there.  Thank you!  Love, Taylor.  
PS: Sorry about the girly card.  I ran out of maly cards... Actually... I don't have any manly cards. haha"

Check out the Youtube video of a teenage Taylor Rocking out at the arsenal.