Tim McGraw was performing at Aaron's Amphitheater at Lakewood in Atlanta on Sunday.

During his performance of "Truck Yeah" a woman up front appears to reach up a couple of times and pull hard on his already ripped jeans, ripping them a little more (although some are saying it looks like she may have actually made some very unwanted contact with his umm..bathing suit area).

As soon as that happened it does look like he swatted at her.

Tim's rep says ,

"Tim was singing out in the audience and someone firmly grabbed onto his leg and wouldn't let go as he was moving through the crowd. "He instinctively swatted to try to keep them from ripping his jeans (which they succeeded at doing!), and so he could get to more fans who could slap hands with him before the end of the show."

Am I gonna have to pull this car over?! Nobody touches anybody for the rest of the trip!

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