Tuesday afternoon, Lincoln County sheriff, Murray Blackwelder held a press conference on Monday night's storms.  He said that they got around three calls right in a row starting at 5:15 pm.  

Because of the extensive damage, the first responders had to cut their way into the areas impacted by the storms.  He said right now they are still in search and rescue mode.  

He said that the South Lincoln School took a direct hit. Only 30 minutes before the school was used as a shelter, but people were given an all clear so they left.  He said the school was completly destoyed and beyond all repair.

He went on to say that by the Grace of God there were only two people killed.  He described the tornado as a surprise and having "just spun up."  A husband and wife, John Prince, 60, and Karen Prince, 44, on Tipton Road living in a mobile home.There were only 7 people injured with no critical cases.  As of Tuesday afternoon, there has been no one reported missing.

Sheriff Blackwelder and a team flew over the damage today and said the width of the tornado appeared to be two miles wide.  He said the track started at the state line and ended at the northeast corner of Lincoln County.

Starting Wednesday, there will be a curfew from 8am - 6pm to help keep the area secure while responders work the area.  All volunteers must to go to Park City Baptist Church to get into the city.

Sheriff Blackwelder said that it has been a great experience working with all the agencies to help Lincoln County.  He said the response they have gotten is unbelievable.

Photo: WHNT Live Stream