Thursday morning at a press conference in Nashville, Tennessee Sony Music Nashville and Garth Brooks announced a new record deal. Brooks will be reassembling his longtime group of studio musicians to work on the new Garth Brooks music. For the first time in the singer's career, his music will be made available digitally through his personal website. There is talk of social media accounts being formed, but nothing is set in stone. 

Although many fans were hoping for specific details of his upcoming world tour that he announced earlier this year, they will have to wait just a little longer. Garth Brooks will release the opening date for his long awaited world tour to a fan named Andy on July 14th.

Andy questioned Garth about his world tour opening date in Las Vegas during one of the New Year's Day shows this year. Garth promised him that night that Andy would be the first to know. Garth said that he will release the information to Andy, and what Andy chooses to do with the information is totally up to him. Brooks said that they would make their announcement soon after Andy is contacted.

Many attendees of the press conference asked questions including ones about the new album, the tour, and his time off. Brooks did address the cancellation of his Ireland shows that were set to take place at the end of the month. 

Sony Nashville and Garth Brooks hope to have new music for the fans within the next two months.