A press conference between all of the emergency officials in Madison County announced a joint partnership to help during severe weather.

Severe weather is no stranger to the Tennessee Valley, and now an app is going to help you communicate with emergency official quickly during a storm.

A new Critical Weather Initiative is now in place between the City of Huntsville, the City of Madison, Madison County and Baron Services.

By using the free Apple and Android Baron Services' weather alerting app, Alabama SAF-T-Net, users will be able to send photos along with their location to emergency crews.  It will be a two way communication. So if a user sends a photo with the location of a tree in the road, then someone can respond and let you know they are the way with the correct tools.

"The partnership between Baron Services and Madison County officials provides another layer of communication share timely and accurate information with area residents before and during a crisis,” Governor Robert Bentley said. “Two of the Tornado Recovery Action Council (TRAC) recommendations address the need for individuals to receive localized severe weather updates and I appreciate the hard work of Bob Baron and his staff at Baron Services for making the recommendation a reality."

The service works based on the subscriber’s current GPS location, giving its users unparalleled precision in performing detailed situational weather analysis. At any time, during any type of critical weather event, city and county leaders may access the portal and communicate with Alabama SAF-T-Net app subscribers in or near an impacted area. The service supports direct, two-way communication with Alabama SAF-T-Net app subscribers, allowing both parties to share weather-related messages and pictures.

The app with not know your name or any information other than the photo and location.  It will use cellular data to send the messages and photos. 

"Bob Baron is one of the finest entrepreneurs to come out of Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley," said Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle. "He has transformed the way we monitor severe weather, and we are all safer for his innovations in weather alert notifications. We look forward to working with Bob as he continues to improve his citizen alert tools."

“Families in north Alabama know first-hand how important it is to stay weather aware and that accurate and timely information saves lives,” said Madison County Commission Chairman and EMT Dale Strong. “With this new tool developed by Bob Baron our emergency services will now be able to communicate directly with the people - not only to warn about dangerous storms but to help track their path, assess damage and provide quicker response to those hardest hit. I strongly encourage everyone to download Alabama SAF-T-Net to protect their family and improve our severe weather response capability."

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