Mama Needs a Makeover Contest Winner

You may remember our Mama Needs a Makeover Contest with Gray Salon. We asked moms to submit a photo and tell us why they need a makeover. The winner is a jewel of a person and one of the sweetest humans I have ever met! 

Melissa Gregory is a mom of 5, wife of an Army Veteran, and full time working woman. Here is her submission to us that had us in tears:

Like many mom's out there we tend to let life overtake us and forget that we have to take care of ourselves.  I am definitely no different.  I have five children, three of which are still at home; a wonderful husband who is a disabled veteran, battling severe PTSD and hearing loss, who requires daily care; and to top it off I am a full time dispatcher for a local HVAC company.   I do not know if I necessarily deserve it over the next mom but I sure do know I would appreciate a new me (and the pampering wouldn't go unnoticed either!).  Time for me is scarce and when I do find it I am rarely using it to improve me.  I box color my hair to hide the gray because I can't afford the salon prices and I may get it trimmed every couple of months.  Most mornings I don't bother with make up because well, I honestly don't know why.  I've fallen into a rut and have forgotten that I matter too.  I would be extremely grateful to have the folks at Gray Salon help dig me out of this rut and remind me that I can take care of myself too even amidst all the chaos of life.  Thank you! 

We were so inspired by all of our entries, but this one really hit close to home. Listen to how excited Melissa is when Josie calls to tell her she won! 


Getting started with the makeover!


The Big Reveal!



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