This phone is the future of technology

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Looking at this, I thought it might be a fancy kitchen gadget...maybe the world's most innovative measuring spoon.

Дизайнеры Филипп Старк и Жером Оливе разработали концепцию смартфона будущего под названием Alo. Гаджет выполнен в футуристическом дизайне, у него обтекаемые формы и прозрачный корпус с алюминиевым «сердцем». #nargismagazine #futureinnovation #alo #phillipstark

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That's no measuring spoon. 

This gelatinous, voice activated device is called "Alo" and may be the future of cell phones.

Instead of having a large screen, the phone "projects any movies or messages the user might want to view as a 3D holographic image." 

It is entirely operated by voice commands and the silicon covering can "heal itself" if it gets damaged.

While Alo is currently just a concept, they hope to turn it or a version of it into a prototype.


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