De-Politicize Your Facebook Feed

Oh Facebook, gone are the days when we just saw updates like "Headed to the gym!", cute baby pics and random thoughts. Sure those posts are still on the fringe but it seems more and more that political posts are taking over! I've seen more friends post about "Unfriending" this year than ever before and it seems to stem from disagreements about politics. 

Just last year, a poll conducted online and reported by The Washington Post found that 1/3 of those surveyed were being harassed on social media over their political opinions. 

If you want to Stop the Insanity, there are a few quick fixes.

For Google Chrome users, an add-on called Remove All Politics From Facebook will search posts for keywords and keep them hidden from view. It doesn't recognize pictures though, so memes will still show up. 

Social Fixer works with other browsers, including Firefox and Safari. This one allows you to choose specific keywords to block. This one has a bonus of hiding spoilers from your favorite tv shows. 

If that doesn't do it for you, you can always "unfollow" on Facebook without unfriending. 

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