These are all the top dogs at Westminster!

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has crowned a new winner! 

Competition was tight, with some gorgeous pups proceeding to the big finale of "Best in Show"

Duffy, a Norwegian Elkhound, was the winner in the Hound group. 


Chucky the Pekingese was the winner of the toy group.


In the non-sporting group, a miniature poodle named Aftin was the champ. 


This Irish Setter who looks like a star in a Pantene commercial, won for Sporting Group. 

Congrats Adrian!


This big eyed Boxer, Devlin, won for the working group.


Tanner, the Norwich Terrier, captured hearts and the title of Terrier Group winner.


 "Rumor" though, who won in the herding group, was the Grand Prize winner at the 141st event and took home Best in Show!


Congrats to Rumor!

I personally loved Mia, who had a little trouble in the agility competition, but  was still adorable to watch!



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