The empathy of animals is amazing

A man named Jay Clarke did something nearly all of us have done in our lives, he took a trip to the zoo with his 37 week pregnant partner, Morgain. 

One of the highlights of their trip was a visit with a 48 year old orangutan named Rajang.

Jay had been in awe of the giant primate and had put his hand to the glass only to have Rajang try to push it away. It was then that Morgain pressed her belly to the glass...

Rajang gently touched the glass as if he could reach out and touch Morgains belly the, all of a sudden, he kissed it.

The interaction was so touching, Morgain began to cry. 

According to TheLittleThings, this isn’t the first time Rajang has reacted to a pregnant mother this way: expectant mom Kayley Bethany also had the pleasure of experiencing Rajang’s affection.

The experience affected them so deeply, they now want to raise funds for The Orangutan Foundation

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