The wink means he knows you're in love. Meet Buddy

One of the first things you will notice about Buddy is the fact that he's missing a leg. 

You may notice that his chest is barreled and broad from years of balancing in a different way than most pups. 

The next thing you'll notice though is his personality. 

He never barks, is a little shy and he positively melts when you start scratching just behind his right ear.

Buddy came to The Ark animal shelter just a couple of weeks ago so his owners may still be on the look out for him, however no one has made any contact with the shelter. That means that Buddy is getting ready to go to a new home, in the words of Ark owner Nina, "Because he deserves it, he's such a good boy".

If you'd like to meet Buddy, stop by The Ark at 139 Bo Cole Road in Huntsville

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