Alan Jackson protests the ACM Awards

Once upon a time, in 1994, Alan Jackson had a bone to pick at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

To show his displeasure at being asked to mime a performance, Alan instructed his drummer to play without a little wink at the audience. He also stood out in a sleeveless Hank Williams shirt, while everyone else was in their Black Tie best. 


This isn't the only protest from Jackson, though.

Five years later, at the CMA Awards, George Jones was nominated for Single of the Year, for “Choices”.

He was told he could play...but only for one minute. Jones refused and stayed home instead.

To honor his friend, Alan interrupted his own song, "Pop a Top" and started in on "Choices" instead.

Apparently, Jones was home watching at the time and was moved to tears.

I love that man. 

Watch what happens when the ACM Awards air Live Sunday at 7 on CBS. 



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