Here's an adorable idea for a too-small onesie

When Harrison first started growing out of those newborn sized onesies, I almost cried.

I think I did the same thing for 0-3 months....3-6 months....I may have stopped around the 9 month mark.

There's just something about those tiny little footed pajamas that your baby wears in those first precious months of life, when you spend so much time gazing at them while they slumber.

So if you have a favorite, here's an awesome idea to keep that onesie close to your and your little one's heart.

If you are a talented sewer, you may be able to do this yourself.

However, if you are like me and have stapled a hem at some point in your life because your sewing skills are lacking, there are plenty of Etsy shops that offer the service.

They also have puppies, kitty cats and other animals available. 

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