This is the new Crayola hue and they need a name

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A few weeks ago, Crayola announced that they were retiring a color from their 24-pack of crayons. They gave Dandelion, a rich golden color, the boot. 

They also mentioned that when the new color was introduced, it would be in the blue family.

Did you know @crayola's new crayon color is going to be a shade of blue?👕👔🦋🐳🐟🌏💦🏙📪💙 And we get to help name it? -Check out the link in my bio for even more information. #jscolor

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Well, the wait is over and the new color has been revealed!!

It turns out that this really is a brand new shade of blue that was uncovered by scientists in 2009.

A group of chemists at Oregon State University had been mixing and heating different chemicals in search of a new material to use in electronics, according to NPR

One sample that was heated to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit came out a bright blue color.

It was unique and was dubbed YInMn (yihn-mihn) blue.

That name is a mix of the ingredients used to create the pigment: yttrium, indium and manganese oxides.

Naturally they are appealing to their fans to come up with something a little catchier.

So what do you think it should be called?



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