This is the new Crayola hue and they need a name

A few weeks ago, Crayola announced that they were retiring a color from their 24-pack of crayons. They gave Dandelion, a rich golden color, the boot. 

They also mentioned that when the new color was introduced, it would be in the blue family.

Well, the wait is over and the new color has been revealed!!

It turns out that this really is a brand new shade of blue that was uncovered by scientists in 2009.

A group of chemists at Oregon State University had been mixing and heating different chemicals in search of a new material to use in electronics, according to NPR

One sample that was heated to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit came out a bright blue color.

It was unique and was dubbed YInMn (yihn-mihn) blue.

That name is a mix of the ingredients used to create the pigment: yttrium, indium and manganese oxides.

Naturally they are appealing to their fans to come up with something a little catchier.

So what do you think it should be called?

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