Kangaroo at local petting zoo bites 9-year old

Yesterday, a story out of Madison made national headlines when a kangaroo at a local petting zoo grabbed and bit a young girl. 

Cheyenne, 9, and her 3-year-old sister were at Harmony Park Safari in Madison County, Alabama when they came in close contact with the kangaroo.

Cheyenne's mother, Jennifer, was taking cellphone footage of her daughter getting close to the kangaroo's fence when the kangaroo, Erwin, grabbed her and bit her ear.

The girl had to receive 13 stitches to close the wound.

Jennifer says if the park had a better barrier preventing contact with animals, her daughter wouldn't have been bitten.

There was a sign in front of the exhibit that said "I bite" but there was little in the way of preventative measures to keep guests from touching the kangaroos. 

The park has declined to comment on the situation so far.

They have responded to questions about Erwin, stating that he will remain in the park but additional fencing will be added to prevent further incidents. 



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