Big Band Theory star plays drums for Randy Houser

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I never would have pictured Leonard as a drummer!

But here he is, playing drums for Randy Houser.

What playing to 26,000 (!!!) beautiful people looked like in Buffalo, NY last night! An absolute BLAST! @randyhouser @bigrightfoot 📹: @ddixon525 #buffalo #tasteofcountry

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Actor Johnny Galecki, who stars in The Big Bang Theory, is an accomplished much so that he stood in for Randy Houser's drummer at a couple of gigs!

Galecki plays Dr. Leonard Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory and is also known for his role as David Healy on Roseanne

1 more from #buffalo b/c all 26K of you were just TOO MUCH D*MN FUN. @randyhouser @bigrightfoot 📹: @ddixon525 #tasteofcountry #warcry #AnimalwasalwaysmyfavoriteMuppet

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