OLLI Summer Program @ UAH

Continue learning, exploring, and celebrating your lifelong learning journey! OLLI has designed summer courses in the areas of fitness, technology, history, and art to make your summer enjoyable and fun! Special day trips are also available. Join OLLI for only $16 for a 12-month membership and then register for the OLLI Summer Program.



6/11 – 7/16  |   |  8:45 – 10:15 am  |  C70M1809  |  $59

Have you ever wanted to try your hand (or backhand) at tennis? Learn about strokes, footwork, equipment, scoring and positioning, in a fun environment as part of an enjoyable course designed for beginning or re-entry level players. Please bring your racket. Lab fee is included.

Breath-Centered Yoga

6/14 – 7/26  |  Th  |  3:30 – 4:30 pm  |  C70M1813  |  $49

Explore the benefits and basic principles of yoga for health and healing. Build strength and stability, improve balance and promote relaxation. Class will be guided to accommodate varied levels of mobility and yoga experience in a comfortable, supportive environment. The ability to breathe freely is necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing. Lab fee is included.



How to Become a Social Media Ninja

6/18 – 20  |  M – W  |  11 am – 12:30 pm  |  C62M1805  |  $59

Do you want to know how to use and have a better understanding of social media? This course is for you! We will dive into the major social media platforms of today such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. We will look at the background of how each one started, how they work, and the benefits of using these tools. Feel comfortable using these tools and become the social media ninja your children and grandchildren will be surprised to see. We prefer that you have a Gmail account so that we can use the Google Plus and YouTube platforms. Lab fee is included.

You’re Smarter Than Your Smartphone—Creative Ways to Use Your Smartphone for Just About Everything

6/25 – 6/27  |  M – W  |  11 am – 12:30 pm  |  C62M1825  |  $59

More than half of older adults who own cell phones have some type of smartphone. Students will discover creative ways to use smartphones for everyday activities including how to download apps (and the apps you don’t want to live without), learn creative ways to take pictures, video record, communicate online, take notes, email, share documents, use maps, and much more. Your smartphone is your miniature computer in your hands—learn how it can help you! Lab fee is included.



Alabama Museums and 200 Years of Alabama History

6/14 – 7/19  |  Th  |  1 – 2:30 pm  |  C67M1830  |  $49

Hear from a variety of museum professionals as they share how their museums tell our state’s history. Representatives from the Alabama Department of Archives and History, the Gadsden Museum of Art and History, Burritt on the Mountain, the UA museum systems and more will share their museum’s mission, how it relates to Alabama, and bring some artifacts to share and hold! Watch history come alive through these engaging presentations.

Preserving Your Family Memories

7/2 – 23  |   |  1 – 2:30 pm  |  C67M1840  |  $49

The reality of aging is that memories and knowledge of family history will eventually disappear. It doesn’t take a preservation expert to ensure that the physical pieces of your family story survive for generations—but it does take thought and planning. Learn cost effective methods and best practices to preserve your family’s material memory. This course will cover how to preserve photographs, paper products, textiles, and other personal ephemera, as well as capturing oral histories.



Belle Chevre Creamery and Downtown Elkmont

6/22  |   |  noon – 5 pm  |  C71M1850  |  $59

Did you know there is a world-class creamery located just 45 minutes from Huntsville? Learn all about cheesemaking at the Belle Chevre Creamery in Elkmont. While touring the facilities, learn about the history of the company and the “cheese revolution”, enjoy cheese samples at the tasting bar, and then visit the Belle Chevre goats. Afterwards, enjoy strolling through downtown Elkmont as we visit antique shops, general stores, and more. Transportation and admission fees are included.

The History of the Shoals Sound

C67M1812  |  $75Russell Gulley Presentation: 7/11  |   |  1 – 3 pmTrip to Shoals: 7/12  | Th  |  8:30 am – 6:00 pm

In the 1960’s and '70s, the tiny town of Muscle Shoals on the south bank of the Tennessee River was the unlikely site of historic soul, rock, and country recording by everyone from Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett to Paul Simon and the Rolling Stones. Join us as we travel to Fame Studios, the Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, and the Alabama Music Hall of Fame for a day of fun and learning. Transportation and admission is included in the price. Lunch will be at Champy’s Chicken (cost of meal on your own). Prior to the trip, hear from Alabama Blues artist Toney Russell Gulley, a musician with 40 years working in the Muscle Shoals music scene, as he provides the significance of the Muscle Shoals sound.


OLLI at UAH is excited to announce a new partnership with Green Pea Press!Founded in 2011 as the first community printshop in Alabama, Green Pea Press has continued to grow and expand their offerings to the community. Green Pea Press is dedicated to deepening appreciation and understanding of the printmaking arts by providing the community with educational experiences, access to equipment, and opportunities for exhibition, collaboration, and exchange. Green Pea instructors have developed the following courses with OLLI members in mind.

Screen Printing Workshop

6/20 – 22  |  W – F  |  1 – 2:30 pm  |  C73M1802  |  $105

Screen printing is a method of creating an image on paper, fabric or some other object by pressing ink through a screen. Learn how to create images, prepare an image, and print a screen. During this three-day workshop, participants will not only learn about the screen printing process, but will walk away with two hand-printed items. The first class will be one hour long, the second an hour and a half, and the final class meeting will be two hours. All materials and lab fees are included.

Letterpress Workshop

6/27 – 29  |  W – F  | 1 – 3 pm |  C73M1804  |  $95

Letterpress is the oldest of the traditional printing techniques, a remnant of the time of Gutenberg. During this three-day workshop, participants will learn about the history of the medium, how to compose type, and how to set and ink the press. Each class meeting is two hours. Students will print a set of 20 handmade cards. All materials and lab fees are included.

Intro to Relief Block Series

7/13 – 27  |   |  1 – 2:30 pm  |  C73M1806  |  $95

Learn to use a printing press to produce a single color image using a hand-carved relief block. Three class sessions will cover block preparation, carving techniques, and printing methods. Printing media, carving tools, and ink will be provided. Participants only need to bring their single color image, roughly 8 x 10 inches. All lab fees are included.


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