Lady Gaga's Halftime Performance

I know leading up to the game, I saw a lot of people in my newsfeed saying they were going to skip watching Lady Gaga's halftime performance out of protest. There were rumors that she'd do something controversial. Then, there was a good amount of people saying they were going to watch it for that reason as well. I watched it, regardless if she was/wasn't going to do something controversial, it's the halftime show. I watch it every year.

I'm usually not a HUGE fan of halftime shows because they always get hyped and then they're a let down. Furthermore, I feel like the acts they typically choose are not my favorites. While Gaga isn't my favorite artist of all time, I do enjoy her music, so that was another reason I wanted to watch. My personal opinion, I liked it. Here's why.

1. I felt as though she was patriotic without being controversial. I've seen a lot of people pointing to the fact that she used "This Land Is Your Land" to be controversial because historically it has been a protest song. However, I feel like the song is just a way of saying, "we're all in this together." To me, it's a song of unity and patriotism. So, for that, I loved the way she opened the show.

2. Her music. Listen, say what you want about Gaga, but Bad Romance, Pokerface, and Just Dance are definitely songs I enjoy, therefore I enjoyed the performance.

3. Her shoutout. I LOVED that she said "hello" to her parents. I just thought that was very sweet.

4. The end. When she threw the mic, jumped off the platform, and caught the football...I want to leave work like that EVERY DAY.

Anyway, what were your thoughts on the performance? Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

Abby Rae

Abby Rae

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