The Britney Spears Lifetime Movie Sucked and Here's Why

From the moment I saw the trailer for Lifetime's Britney Ever After, I knew I had to watch it. See, I'm a huge Lifetime fan. Mother May I Sleep With Danger, Co Ed Call Girl, Dying To Be Perfect...they're all amazing. In recent years, Lifetime has switched to biopics like the Saved By The Bell movie, the The Brittany Murphy story, and the 90210 movie. I liked all of those too.

With this movie, I was a little conflicted because I love lifetime, but I also love Britney. And I knew Britney wanted nothing to do with this movie, so I figured it would consist of a lot of embellishments. I watched it anyway.


Watching this movie was a mistake. It was terrible. It did Britney no justice and I wasn't the only one that felt that way...


Just a few of the things Lifetime tweaked were:

1. Kevin Federline. The guy that played him didn't look much like him, which was the case for most of the cast in the movie. But, while most of the cast were off-brand versions of the real thing, Kevin Federline got an upgrade with his casting.


2. The Dance Off. According to Britney Ever After, after Justin Timberlake and Britney broke up, they found themselves at the same club. So what did they do? What any exes would do, they had a dance off. And it wasn't even good.


3. The Sex Tape. Lifetime's idea of "loose interpretation" is simply be making stuff up. In the film, there's a scene where a supposed Britney and Justin sex tape was stolen, but then returned...don't ask me why this was even part of the movie. Like many questions I had following this movie, there are no answers. Furthermore, if there were EVER a Brit and JT sex tape, I think the world would have known by now. Just sayin'.


So, to sum it all up - Was the movie good?


Was it accurate?


Should you watch it?



Abby Rae

Abby Rae

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