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According to experts (TBH, I had no idea that there were baby-naming experts out there) these are the names that are on the list for parents in 2017. These are the top picks from Nameberry:

Alden: May unseat the popular Aiden, thanks to actor Ehrenreich, the new Han in Star Wars

Amity: Friendly update for Hope and Faith

Amos: A Biblical boy that could follow the newly successful Abel

Araminta: British classic fresher than Arabella

Arcadia: Heavenly name for the optimistic

Archer: Fresher than Hunter, cooler than Arthur

Arrow: Its aim is true

Ash: Cool short form of Ashton or Asher, or full name on its own

Astrid: Scandi import with lots of style

Auden: Poetic surname chosen by Kelsey Grammer

Aviva: Vivacious palindromic choice

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Baxter: Could Bax be the new Max?

Bea Beatrice or Beatrix: Short form that stands alone

Benno: Ancient saints’ name makes Ben special

Birdie: Nature name taking flight

Booker: African-American hero name with literary and musical association

Bowie: The late idol inspiring baby namers

Briar: New unisex nature name in the Top 1000

Calliope: Love child of Cadence and Penelope

Cassius: Ancient Roman name that couldn't be cooler

Celeste: Ladylike name with heavenly associations

Clara: Clearly the most stylish Claire-related name today

Clark: Old-time heartthrob and superhero returns

Corin: The Bard gave us this distinctive yet straightforward boys' name

Cressida: Posh British possibility with a Shakespearean pedigree

Cyrus: Celeb choice with historic Eastern roots

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Daisy: Perennially fresh and charming flower name

Dashiell: Literary name with lots of dash

Delphine: Chic French twist on floral name

Dylan: Rebel poet name turned modern classic

Echo: Three trends — mythological, o-ending word name — in one modern choice

Eliza: Classic revival keeps gathering steam

Ember: Emma meets Amber

Emilia: Khaleesi gone classic

Esme: With love and… more love

Esther: Biblical heroine name weds ancient and feminist appeal

Felicity: Rogue One star Felicity Jones adds strength to this frilly name

Felix: Ancient saint turned cartoon cat turned happy modern baby name

Fiona: Romantic Scottish favorite moving on from Shrek

Forrest: Nature name with buttoned-down appeal

Frank: Frank Ocean updates this name from the Sinatra era

Frankie: Boyish nickname hot for girls

Geneva: Swiss place name destination

Gideon: Biblical boy name on the rise

Goldie: One name that's both rich and fun

Greer: Tailored Hollywood name, fresher than Harlow or Sloane

Gus: Friendly, informal Gus is the new Max

Indigo: Bright blue unisex baby name

Ines/Inez: Spanish-inflected variation of Agnes with starry new gloss

Iris: Elegant floral that’s also the name of the goddess of the rainbow

Isadora: The new1 "Isa-" girls’ name in town

Keziah: Biblical name that feels sleek and modern

Lachlan: Scottish choice finding wider favor

Lark: Bird name that sings sweetly in the middle

Lionel: Jazzy name with stylish leonine associations

Louise: This year's nominee for how can it NOT be in the Top 1000?

Loxley: Popping on Pinterest

Loyal: Virtue name that works for boys and girls

Lucian: Attractive male spin on the popular Lucy and Lucia

Lula: Vintage girls’ name on the upswing, and Liv Tyler's new daughter

Lux: As simple as it is luxurious

Marguerite: Cooler than Margaret, more classic than Margo

McCoy: The new Miles

Mirabelle: The new Isabelle

Monty: British favorite still fresh here

Osiris: Name from Egyptian mythology that feel powerful today

Otis: Bluesy choice that's the epitome of cool

Otto: Newest old O name for boys

Ozzie: Adorable O nickname for Ozias, Oswald, etc. Oz works too

Pearl: The most stylish middle name of the moment

Persephone: Now that Penelope is a Top 100 hottie, Persephone is rising

Posey: Sweet update on Poppy and Rosie

Quincy: Unusual Presidential choice that works for boys and girls

Ray: Sleek, simple name right for both genders

Reeve: A successor to celebrity surname name Reese

Remy: French, simple, delicious for either sex

Reuben: Hot Biblical boy name

Roman: Celebrity favorite with noble pedigree

Rosamund: Elegant rose family member

Ruth: Rich Biblical name finding new fans

Sadie: The fastest-rising girl name on Nameberry

Sage: A unisex name marrying wisdom and the natural world

Sasha: Unisex name re-embraced for boys

Saskia: Dutch treat with artistic vibe

Sayer: More eloquent than Sawyer

Simone: Gold medalist times two

Snow: Fresh, winter white choice

Soleil: Sunny French name shining here

Sybil: A not-done Downton Abbey name

Sylvie: Sweet French-accented choice

Tallulah: Dramatic name favored by celebrities, but still distinctive in the real world

Thea: Newcomer to the Top 000 that feels both classic and modern

Thor: Powerful superhero choice

Vera: Fresher than Cora or Ava

Wilder: Prepster name with an outdoorsy vibe

Winnie: Winning nickname-name finding new fans, including Jimmy Fallon

Winston: Churchill makes it a hero name, but Winston feels wearable for a child, too

Yara: Spanish favorite slowly being discovered by the wider world

Zelda: New series based on the life of Zelda Fitzgerald debuts on Amazon early this year

Zinnia: Exotic floral choice


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