Dan, Dingo & Josie WDRM Mornings

Dan, Dingo & Josie WDRM Mornings

Dan McClain was born in Baltimore, Maryland, graduated from Towson State University and worked in several places including Martinsburg, West Virginia, Charlottesville, Richmond and Virginia Beach, Virginia before moving to the Tennessee Valley in 1992.Among my many loves are my wife Karen (the apple of my eyeballs...woo hoo) and kids Eric (former US Marine),Emily (graduate of UAB) and Daniel, the hardest working man on the face of the earth (and quite a gardener). We have two dogs, our newest addition a Brittany Spaniel named Willow, and Peanut the Bassett hound, who spends his days whining and wagging that big tail. My other passions include music, golf and napping. 

Josie Lane was born in Memphis and lived there with her family until they packed up to move to another music town, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. She lived there the last 25 years and moved to Huntsville in 2013, after joining the WDRM family. She lives with her husband, her mom, her four dogs, two cats and probably, somewhere, a partridge in a pear tree. She�s enthusiastic about all areas of her life, from her time spent on-air, to her work with various charities like the American Cancer Society. She likes scary books, bad jokes and the great outdoors (also the John Candy movie of the same name). She enjoys cooking, with varying degrees of success, but will definitely try anything once.



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