I'm the new guy on WDRM nights

My name is Mason Black and I'm originally from Evergreen, Alabama (normally your bathroom break on the way to the beach). I graduated from Auburn University and then stayed in town to work for iHeartRadio up until just recently when I got an iHeartRadio job here in Huntsville. 

Some fast facts:

  1. I have a SLIGHT Southern Accent
  2. I'm mainly a carnivore. The only way I consume vegetables is if they're liquified into a smoothie with plenty of fruit added to mask the nastiness.
  3. I was raised an Alabama fan. While attending Auburn University, I witnessed Cam Newton lead the Tigers to the 2010 National Title which forever changed my loyalties. 
  4. I've had a family my whole life, a girlfriend for a good part of it, and my fur baby for as long as I've been with my girlfriend. I took her cat shopping to seal the deal.
  5. One time I stood in the same room as George Strait.

Those are basically the highlights. I'll be hanging out with every weeknight from 7pm to Midnight which of course you can listen to on the good ol' fashioned radio, on the iHeartRadio app, or online at WDRM.com!

Mason Black

Mason Black

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