Rescuing soccer team from Thai cave could take months


Thankfully the 13 missing members of a soccer team in Thailand were found safely! The next part is how they're going to get out. After the team went exploring they then became trapped due to flood waters and were missing for 10 days in a cave system until divers from the UK finally found the boys 2.5 miles into the cave. The cave has been slowly filling up as torrential down pours have moved through the area with no relief in sight until OCTOBER when the rainy season subsides. The boys are all aged 11-16 years old and their coach is 25 years old. 

The biggest part now is how to get them out. The 2.5 miles took hours for the divers to traverse as they swam through pitch black darkness and very narrow channels. Bringing the boys out this way is extremely dangerous as someone not trained in diving will likely panic which could be disastrous not only for themself, but the divers as well. The boys have been provided liquids high in protein to help them build their strength back up after being without food for the entire time they were lost. 

Another idea is to simply wait until the rainy season is over. This would mean the boys would have to wait in the cave until October. Thai officials are using pumps to drain parts of the cave but there are portions that will be unable to be fully drained so walking back out the way they came in simply will not be possible until October.They are also looking for other entrances or shafts that can be used to extract the boys from the cave. Whatever they decide to do, keep the soccer team in your thoughts and prayers as they weather this terrifying situation.

Mason Black

Mason Black

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