What does it cost to attend the Big Game?


This year's big game in Houston isn’t really a dream match-up for many, but that isn’t stopping people from charging big bucks for the chance to attend.

If you’re thinking of making the trip, here’s what you can expect to pay, even if you’re trying to do it on the cheap:

Airfare – Houston is a huge city with a huge airport, which helps with the cost of airfare. The average round trip ticket there is about $500.

Hotel – A two-star hotel about 9 miles from the stadium is charging $325 per night, with a two-night minimum. That’s 650 bucks.

Game Ticket – The least expensive tickets are running $3,500. In case you were wondering, on StubHub, a ticket along the 50-yard line will set you back $10,000.

So, for one person, you’re looking at a grand total of $4,650 – and if you want to go with a buddy, you’ll end up shelling out $10,950 just to watch a single football game. And, of course, see Lady Gaga perform live. (WFXT-TV)

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