Is this love or what?


According to a new survey, we really, really love our dogs ... and should pretty much admit they are our real Valentines.The BarkBox survey found that ...

87% of respondents said they are more accepting of their dog’s irritating behaviors – snoring, snacking, making a mess – than they are of their partner's irritating behavior.

28% said they’d opt to share their bed with the dog rather than their partner.

More than 50% said they were more comfortable being affectionate with their pups in public than with their significant other.

On average, people in relationships tell their dogs they love them six times per day ... roughly as often as they tell their partners.

85% of dog owners said their pet had helped them get through a hard time in their life.

Dog owners post pictures or mention their dogs on social media an average of six times a week.

11% have even created a dedicated social media account for their pet.

And how comfortable are we in front of our dogs? The survey found that one-third of people admitted they’d had sex in front of their dogs.

Oh, and one more thing ... nearly 20% of people give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets. (Mashable)

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