The Worst Traffic in America is in.....

Commuters in Los Angeles spend an average of 102 hours a year stuck in traffic.

Traffic is the daily commuter's worst enemy. And nowhere in the country is it worse than Los Angeles.

Drivers in and around L.A. spend more time staring at brake lights than in any other city. According to analytics firm Inrix, which calculated the average amount of time commuters spent in traffic, L.A. was the most-congested U.S. city for the sixth straight year. Commuters there spent an average of 102 hours sitting in traffic.

L.A. didn’t just top the list around the U.S. either – the city has the most traffic congestion in the entire world (just ahead of Moscow).

Here are the U.S. cities with the worst traffic:

Los Angeles - 102 hours

New York City - 91 hours

San Francisco - 79 hours

Atlanta - 70 hours

Miami - 64 hours

Washington DC - 63 hours

Boston - 60 hours

Chicago - 57 hours

Seattle - 55 hours

Dallas - 54 hours

(USA Today)

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