Toffee the puppy & how you can help pets in need

Learn more about A New Leash on Life!

The whole world knows of Toffee's story. Toffee who is deaf and somewhat blind fell into a hole that was 50 feet deep. Toffee spent over 30 hours in the hole with helpers, volunteers, and supporters coming from all over North Alabama to help in rescuing her. 

Debbie Dodd, who founded A New Leash on Life in 2004, says that Roto Rooters brought a camera so they were able to see what Toffee was up to while she was in the hole. The biggest problem they ran into was after luring Toffee to a spot with food, she would then go into nap mode and would be hidden for hours as she slept. Sardines are what lured Toffee into the noose which they used to slowly life her back up the twist and turns of the narrow crevice.

Learn more about A New Leash on Life! 

This story is heart warming and everyone is so thankful Toffee was rescued but this is also a good time to think about all the other dogs and cats that need a forever home. Whereas Toffee has people lined up to adopt her after her story, many animals do not. Her siblings all need homes and many animal shelters in our areas are filled to the brim with kittens, puppies, cats and dogs just waiting on a family to call their own. 

Even if you can't adopt a new pet; maybe you can foster an animal, make donations whether it's monetary or pet food, or just swing by to spend some time and give some love to the sweet fluffs. Below are the links for shelters around our area 

A New Leash on Life 

Huntsville Animal Services

Decatur Animal Services

Greater Huntsville Humane Society

Athens Limestone Animal Shelter

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