The Great Diaper Drive 'Blitz Day' is TODAY!

The Great Diaper Drive Blitz Day is TODAY at the WalMart Supercenter on Madison Boulevard. Any diaper and wipes donations are greatly appreciated and will go to families right here in the Tennessee Valley! Before you get all the details below, check out 102.1 WDRM's Great Diaper Drive concert earlier this week and also hear what 106.1 WTAK's Deano had to say to WHNT News 19 about the importance of the Diaper Drive.

Join us TODAY at the Walmart Supercenter on Madison Blvd. We’ll be there throughout the day starting at 5:00 a.m. We’ll be there accepting your donations until 7:00 p.m. Team members from iHeartRadio's 102.1 WDRM, 106.1 WTAK, and 100.3 The River along with WHNT 19 News will be on hand accepting donations.

Can't make it out for Blitz Day? Here are some other drop off locations accepting diaper and wipe donations that will be delivered to the Food Bank of North Alabama. They will be accepting donations October 8-19:

Alternate Drop Off Locations

The following are the cities with Walmart stores that are accepting donations for us:

  • All Huntsville Supercenter and Neighborhood Market Walmart locations
  • Hazel Green
  • Arab
  • Fort Payne
  • Guntersville
  • Scottsboro
  • Decatur Supercenter
  • Both Florence Supercenters
  • Madison location on Madison Blvd.

Two Covenant Classical Preschool & Daycare locations are also accepting donations:

  • Jones Valley
  • Research Park

What we accept beyond diapers and wipes

  • Cloth diapers.  They’ll be donated to the Cloth Diaper Bank.
  • Open packs of diapers.  A clean diaper is a clean diaper.
  • Checks.  They must be made out to Food Bank of North Alabama Diaper Bank 
  • Adult diapers.  Yes, we accept them too.   We’ve heard from mothers of autistic children who need of diapers for their preteen and teenage children.

Fast Diaper Facts

  • Diapers are not covered by government programs. 
  • Diapers and wipes cost about $100 per month.  The cost of diapers forces some families to reuse disposable diapers or leave babies in diapers longer than they should.  This increases health risks for the baby including diaper rash and infection.
  • Most day cares only accept disposable diapers.
  • Babies who have diaper rash or are sick tend to cry more.  Couple that with the stress of living in need the risk for child abuse increases.
  • Government agencies DON’T supply diapers.

This effort is in partnership with Rocket City Mom, the Food Bank of North Alabama and iHeartMedia. The 2018 Great Diaper Drive is sponsored by Crestwood Maternity Center.

Early donations before WDRM's Great Diaper Drive concert

Most in our community are one or two paychecks away from financial dire straits.  Many parents struggle to afford diapers. They’re forced to choose between food, medicine, rent, light bill, gas to get to work or diapers. 

 What’s happening? Babies stay in dirty diapers longer, parents recycle dirty diapers, or create makeshift diapers using stuff around the house including rags/tissue and grocery bags.   All this leads to health issues, neglect and increases a baby’s chances for physical abuse. 

  • Nearly 1 in 3 low-income families struggle to afford enough diapers. 
  • Low income families spend twice as much on diapers as families that have access to bulk buying options.
  • There’s no federal assistance for purchasing diapers. This includes older special needs kids.  Diapers are considered a luxury item.  
  • The majority of daycares don’t accept cloth diapers.  If a baby doesn’t go to daycare, parents can’t go to work.

 The Great Diaper Drive was created to help babies in our community. This year marks number five. In 2016 we achieved a major milestone - establishing a  diaper bank through The Food Bank of North Alabama. 

 This year we’re encouraging people to host a diaper shower with their favorite group of people, then donate the diapers.   Businesses, individuals, friends and family come together and donate.   We accept disposable diapers, cloth diapers, wipes and monetary donations.    The cloth diapers are donated to the cloth diaper bank.

Showers for the Great Diaper Drive are going on now.

So why not cloth diapers? Many of our beneficiaries are in transition housing, shelters or don’t have washers and dryers.   All most all of the daycares servicing this community don’t accept cloth diapers.   Bottom line it’s more stress on a family already coming apart at the seams.

Last but not least -  Diapers and wipes collected stay in the Tennessee Valley.

Winning donation by Decatur Middle School's 8th Grade after a school wide drive


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