GHHS Pet of the Week: Mercy

This week's Pet of the Week is a PRECIOUS Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix who was also bottle fed and hand raised since she was a couple of days old.  So, she is all about people.  There is just a wonderful bond that occurs with animals who are hand raised.

So, Mercy is 9 weeks old and ready for a wonderful home.  She is going to grow up to be a very big and furry girl.  She will definitely need to be in a home that understands how to properly care for these particular breeds of dogs as they do require a bit of maintenance.  However, Mercy is going to make a wonderful family dog for a very lucky family.  She is a sweet girl and very calm for a puppy of her age.  

GHHS does not receive any sort of government funding.  Our doors are open due to the goodness of businesses, private donors, grants, fund raisers, and our Thrift Store.  Our Thrift Store is located behind our shelter at 2812 Johnson Road.  If you have never visited the GHHS Thrift Store, you are missing out.  It is the best Thrift Store in town.  It is well organized, stocked with very nice merchandise as our Thrift Store staff is very choosy about the items that are put out on the floor.  100% of the proceeds from each purchase made in the Thrift Store goes to supporting the animals at GHHS.  It is such a vital part of our organization.

Our monthly Pet Wellness Clinic will be this Saturday, December the 8th at GHHS from 10am until 2pm.  Pet owners with a household income below $35k can receive discounted services from Rocket City Mobile Vet.  A $12 examination is required for each animal.  Participants must bring an ID and proof of household income.  



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