Mom tries to save toddler at drive through

Surveillance video from outside a McDonald’s drive-thru window shows the terrifying moment a mom rushes from a car to try and hand her 2-year old daughter to an employee. 

“Hand the child to me,” the employee said, reaching out the window with both arms according to prosecutors.


But Levenski Crossty, the child’s father, managed to pull the child away from mom Jessica Wilson. He then got back in the car with the child and drove away.

Wilson was left beaten, stranded and “desperately asking someone to call 911.”

The evening began when Crossty broke into the house where Wilson was staying with her four children, to confront her about being unfaithful. 

Crossty burst into the bathroom where Wilson tried to lock herself in and proceeded to beat her. 

She said they went to the McDonald’s after she told him the children needed food. 

Crossty was arrested and is charged with felonious assault, theft and multiple counts of abduction and kidnapping.

No one should endure what this woman and children experienced. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, there are ways to get help

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1(800)799-SAFE (7-2-3-3)


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