Weird News

Airplane Almost Hits Van Crossing The Runway In Missouri
Georgia Police Hunt $100,000 Ramen Thieves
Cape Cod Sees Its First Shark Attack In Six Years
Virginia Girl's Love Of Dolls Helped Her Save Baby Born In Bathroom
Lunch Ladies Charged With Stealing Over $500,000 From School Cafeteria
Arizona Teen Says He Feels Like 'Superman' After Surviving...
Boyfriend Punches Man After He Was Caught Looking At His Girl's Butt
Half-Naked Woman Goes Berserk During Flight, Gets Tied Up By Crew
Oldest Pterodactyl Fossil Uncovered In Utah Desert
Greek Cat Sanctuary Looking To Hire Cat Whisperer
Viral Mugshot Has Woman Getting Makeup Tip Requests
A Dozen Students Get Sent Back To Middle School Over Grade Mishap


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