This program adds enthusiasm to your emails

I was just commenting to a friend the other day how the advent of emojis had changed how we communicate.

It seems like smiley faces are in all of the email exchanges I have now. 

It's almost a common courtesy. 

Example: Congratulatory emails these days pretty much HAVE TO include excessive exclamation marks and smileys to show adequate enthusiasm. 

And if you end a sentance with just a period? You just might be a monster. lol


Maybe it's not THAT serious but, if you are not into trying that hard to convey excitement, this new Gmail extension for Google Chrome will do it for you. 

‘Emotional Labor’  is a new extension which will take the text of your email and automatically find places to insert extra enthusiasm. It will paste up to five exclamation marks, lovlies, and more at the end of sentences. 

Here's an example of the extension in action. 

Hearts and stars? Lol! Ok maybe don't use this for work emails but if you wanna try it out, here it is. 

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