Meet Merida Grace!

Meet Merida Grace. She's a one to three year old pup who is ready and waiting for a loving home.

She was left on the front porch of the Greater Huntsville Humane Society a little while back on a freezing, wet day. Her rusty kennel was flooded with urine and she was shaking and scared.

After bathtime and a healthy amount of cuddles, Merida is now a playful, loving pup who just needs a home.

Just look at that smirk!

She's available for adoption from The Greater Huntsville Humane Society at 2812 Johnson Road SW.

Their number is (256)881-8081.

She's a sucker for that squeaky toy, by the way.

Also, the Greater Huntsville Humane Society is in need of pet food and newspapers!

The pet food is part of their King's Kitchen program that helps supply pet food for low income families and the newspapers are for puppy pads (and with 3 litters of puppies in the shelter, they sure need 'em!). 

Any donations are greatly appreciated. <3 


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