Uh oh, it's Patty and Betty Rizzo!

Meet Patty and Betty Rizzo, just two of a feisty litter of 7 cattledog mixes that are currently at the Greater Huntsville Humane Society.

Each of these 8 week old girls and boys are so friendly and sweet. They're bound to get at least mid-size and, as herding dogs, they'll need an outlet for their energy: be it daily walks or just some room to run. 

(Did we mention all the pups in this litter have gotten their names from Grease? Go by and see Frenchy, Danny Zuko, Cha-Cha and Sandy as well!

Adoptions will begin on Monday, March 13th. The adoption fee is $100 and INCLUDES microchip, vaccines, spay/neuter, a bag of food and unlimited puppy energy.

If you already have a pet to love, you now have a chance to translate that love into beautiful artwork!

'Art Goes Wild!' March 30th at Straight to Ale Brewery from 6-9pm. 

Provide a picture of your pet and a local artist will transform it into a paint-by-number for you to complete and admire!

Tickets are on sale now at ghhs.org/events 


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