Interesting times...Dan's random thoughts

You’ve got to admit these are interesting times we live in.

Most days Josie and I just sit in the studio and scratch our heads at the world around us.  Questions abound….like, will Hugh Freeze be the next hire by Alabama’s Nick Saban.  He’s been known to recycle bruised former head coaches.

Will OJ Simpson be the next Ol’ Miss head coach?  (that was on facebook)

What’s to be done with Alabama homeboy and Attorney General Jeff Sessions?  Does he stay in Washington or does he tell the President to shove it and if so, where does he end up next?  Can he coach? 

It’s an upside down topsy-turvy world we live in…round and round she goes…where she stops nobody knows.  It’s enough to make you wanna climb in a hole and go underground (as my wife likes to say).

But it’s the way of life.  Turmoil, by definition is ‘a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty.’   It has happened before and will continue to happen as long as the Earth continues to spin.

We aren’t the only generation to give thought that the world might be coming to an end.  Has it come to an end?  Not so far.  (I just looked out the window…the sun is still shining)

Should we be concerned?   To a point, yes.  Should we allow it to make us crazy?  Absolutely not. 

What should we do then?  My advice is, have fun, smile and laugh a lot.  Hug the ones you love and be sure to tell them you love them.  Whatever you do, don’t take life too seriously but also don’t take life for granted.  It’s a limited resource.  Enjoy it and be sure to share it with us on the WDRM morning show whenever you can.  Share a smile and have some fun and don’t let the bozo’s get you down and when all else fails and you’re at your wits end, simply repeat after me these two words that will make it all better.



Your buddy and pal, Dano

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