Pet Project: Meet Zoe

This week's pet project is 9-month-old Zoe from the Greater Huntsville Humane Society. She is a chihuahua that is exceptionally sweet! 

The GHHS is looking for a foster to adopt family. Zoe currently has a heart condition that will require surgery. 

Patent Ductus Arteriousus- Abnormal Blood Flow that occurs between two of the major arteries connected to the heart.

The good news is that GHHS will pay for her surgery she just needs the family to help her on her way to recovery. She is scheduled to correct her heart condition on August 1st.  Her family will need to transport her to surgery, and care for her afterwards. She'll need to be crated so she won't get too excited after her surgery. Once she gets the all clear from the doctors, she'll have a normal healthy life.

After she heals, she'll be ready to be spayed. This will also be paid for by GHHS. 



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