Good News: Tate Farms Gets Help with Corn Trains!

From Tate Farms Facebook:

Our animal barn also acted as storage in the off season. Among many things lost, BOTH of our corn trains were lost in the fire. Monday morning first thing we contacted our seller for our old corn train. As we were afraid, they confirmed it would be a 4-6 week production time on any new trains. After much online research we came across Terrainables. Here is the story that follows:

Terrainables is located in Holland, Michigan and owned by Mr. And Mrs. Love. We contacted the Loves and explained what happened with the fire and how we were needing to quickly replace our old train. Mrs. Love told us this: On the Sunday that we had our fire, Mrs. Love fell off the stage and hurt her ankle at church. She was in their office that day taking calls because she had a Dr appointment later and it just so happened she was coming to see her sister in... Alabama! In fact, her sister lives in Harvest, AL not far from our farm. Although she normally flies down to Alabama her husband would in fact be driving her here. They stopped production at their plant and made us 2 brand new trains! They then drove the 12 hours here and had them at our farm before 8 a.m. this morning. Less than 72 hours from when we called them! On the way to our farm this morning Mr. Love had a tire blow out 4 miles away, but he wanted to honor his word and get to our farm when he said he would and he arrived riding on the rim.

Y'all these trains are amazing!!!! From the large size to the cushion seat, the reflectors, to the quality of craftsmanship each detail has been expertly done.

We are so thankful to Terrainables and the Loves and have thanked God for putting them in our path right when we needed them. We have many stories such as these but this one has given us chills and had us in awe at the timeliness of God! He continues to provide!



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