2018 Crescen-Dough Auction

About the Auction - The Crescen-Dough Auction is a fun-filled evening of bidding, socializing, and dining organized by the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra Guild to support the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra and music education. The Auction has been held annually in April since 1973. Advanced reservations are required to attend.

Invest in your community’s children - Music education is the primary focus of the Guild. In cooperation with the Symphony School and the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, the Guild makes possible Third Grade Violin Education for more than 3,000 children in 40 schools; the free Young People’s Concerts for thousands of area 4th graders; the hands-on instrument “Petting Zoo” at Panoply; and the Free Family Concert.

Invest in your orchestra – 65% of the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra’s working budget depends on the generosity of people like you!


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