New Life Computer Recycling

New Life Computer Recycling has set its first "Computer Recycling Drop Off Day" for July 7th, 2018 outside of Virginia College located on Drake Ave at So. Memorial Pkwy from 9 am to 1 pm. 

New Life Computer Recycling has a new approach for the recycling of computer E-waste in the Huntsville/Madison County area. 

New Life Computer Recycling was incorporated and registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) with the aim of making it more attractive for the everyday person or business to want to properly dispose of their old used personal computer equipment by offering them a tax incentive to donate it to New Life Computer Recycling for either recycling or refurbishment. 

New Life computer Recycling will evaluate each incoming computer and determine whether it is a candidate for refurbishment or recycling. The computers that have outlived their usefulness will be broken down into their four basic component materials and sent to the proper recycling venues.

Computers which still have manufactures supported life will be cleaned up, tested, and have the hard disk drives "Data Bleached" for the previous owner's protection and then will be available to be purchased by the public at reasonable rates. 

We will also offer used computer parts for sale to the public for upgrades and repairs. 

As part of our public service initiative, New Life Computer Recycling will offer its "Data Bleaching" service free of charge to the general public whether they are donating or recycling a computer or not they just need to drop off the hard drive and fill out the release form. 

In the future, New Life Computer Recycling wants to partner with the other agencies like the Small Business Administration to offer basic start-up IT services and products to deserving new non-profit startups. 

New Life Computer Recycling is also in the process of becoming a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and will be able to assist other non-profits in obtaining Microsoft Citizenship Licenses for their organizations.

If you would like further information about New Life Computer Recycling please call Tim Williams at 256-348-0449 or e-mail at

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