Jon Pardi Added to Great Diaper Drive Line Up!!!

Morgan Wallen

Huge News! Jon Pardi Just added to Great Diaper Drive! 

The Great Diaper Drive Concert 2018, featuring John Pardi and Morgan Wallen with special guest Michael Hardy is October 15th, 2018 at Stand Up Live. Tickets are on sale starting at 10am Thursday September 13th. 

All tickets are $25.00, Doors open at 5:30pm. 

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Diaper Donations are requested. All sizes needed.

Why is there a Great Diaper Drive?

Most in our community are one or two paychecks away from financial dire straits.  Many parents struggle to afford diapers. They’re forced to choose between food, medicine, rent, light bill, gas to get to work or diapers. 

What’s happening? Babies stay in dirty diapers longer, parents recycle dirty diapers, or create makeshift diapers using stuff around the house including rags/tissue and grocery bags.   All this leads to health issues, neglect and increases a baby’s chances for physical abuse. 

·        Nearly 1 in 3 low-income families struggle to afford enough diapers. 

·        Low income families spend twice as much in diapers as families that have access to bulk buying options.

·        There’s no federal assistance for purchasing diapers. This includes older special needs kids.  Diapers are considered a luxury item.  

 The majority of daycares don’t accept cloth diapers.  If a baby doesn’t go to daycare, parents can’t go to work.

 Last but not least -  Diapers and wipes collected stay in the Tennessee Valley.

More information will be posted about drop off sites, etc...

 The Great Diaper Drive is supported by WHNT News 19, Rocket City Mom and iHeartMedia.  

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