Social Media Classes for Small Businesses

Marketing is critical for any business. With the rise of Facebook and Twitter, small business owners have more opportunities than ever to get the word out. In fact, most consumers will look at social media sites before they look at the business website. But what are the best ways to use social media and engage with your customers?

In an on-going effort to support the local business community, the Athens-Limestone County Public Library has partnered with Hope Davis Media to bring monthly classes about social media for small businesses.

“Starting a business is more than hanging an open for business sign,” library director Paula Laurita says. “The library wants help with a variety of resources and programs. We are partners with our local businesses, helping them succeed. Using social media helps build brand awareness, increase customer base, and connect with current customers.”

As a social media consultant, Hope Davis has been helping clients connect with customers for over a decade. Her current clients include country music stars, nonprofits, and multiple small businesses. She wants people to come away from these classes recognizing the incredible potential social media has to help their business. “Compared to other forms of advertising it is the least expensive and most flexible. It is a billboard you can change in an instant.”

Social media classes begin on Oct. 16 at Athens-Limestone County Public Library at 5:30. All classes are free and open to anyone.

For more information:

Hope Davis  

Hope Davis Media



Kristopher Reisz

Head of adult programming

Athens-Limestone County Public Library

(256) 232-1233


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