Tara...Come On Down!!! Where's Tara??


The experience for the studio audience at The Price Is Right can be a very exciting one - they're watching people win huge prizes and they might be called as a contestant themselves - so it makes sense that they might have an excited bladder and could need to take a little break during the taping to run to the bathroom. Well that's just what Tara Armstrong did, but while it was happening, announcer George Gray called her name to 'come on down.' 

As the cameras scanned the crowd for someone enthusiastically jumping up to run to Bidder's Row, host Drew Carey figured out just where Tara was. Thankfully, she made it back into the studio before another name was called. 

As Tara made her way down the aisle, she high-fived a bunch of people, so hopefully she took the time to wash her hands. When she took her place, Drew said, "Nice to see you! Thought you'd never get here. So glad you could make it!" 

Tara wound up with the best bid and made it the stage, though Drew jokingly didn't want to shake her hand. 

Believe it or not, it's not the first time this has happened. It previously occurred in 2000 and before that in 1976. Back then, contestant Patricia Bernard's husband ran out of the studio to pull her out of the bathroom

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