Maddie & Tae Want To Help You Kick Your Ex To The Curb

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Maddie & Tae are gladly helping you move on from a partner who’s just adding to the clutter. The reigning CMT Group/Duo Video of the Year winners unleashed an empowering song from their upcoming project, Through The Madness Vol. 2.

“It's time to move on!! And we have a new song to help you take that first step,” Maddie & Tae announced on their social media channels on Friday (August 19) as they released “Spring Cleaning” from the upcoming collection, due September 23. The duo started teasing their anthem last week on TikTok. The duo’s Maddie Font wrote on her Instagram story that “Spring Cleaning” is “my fav song on Vol 1 & 2…we’ve got a sassy one for y’all”:

“Ooh, you're takin' up space/ It's time to tidy up and take you out my brain/ Ooh, what do you see?/ Cleanin' out the closet looks good on me/ It ain't spring, but I'm cleanin' house/ It ain't spring, but I'm cleanin' out/ It ain't spring, but I'm cleanin' house/ So come and get your sh*t out.”

Maddie & Tae’s upcoming 8-track EP follows Through The Madness Vol. 1’s release in January, including “Strangers,” “Grown Man Cry,” “Woman You Got” and other fan-favorites.

Font — half of the duo with Taylor Kerr — confirmed exclusively to iHeartCountry earlier this year that the new collection would release in September, though she didn’t reveal the exact date at that time. Font said at that time that she and Kerr would release two tracks from Vol. 2 ahead of its September release date. “Spring Cleaning” follows “Every Night Every Morning,” which they called the perfect song to “dance with your person.” See the full Through The Madness Vol. 2 track list below. Listen to Maddie & Tae’s “sassy” new single here (warning: explicit language):

1. “Well In Your World” (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Ryan Hurd, Jimmy Robbins)^

2. “Every Night Every Morning” (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Jonathan Singleton, Brock Berryhill)^

3. “Drinking To Remember” (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Benjy Davis, Daniel Ross)^

4. “Girl After My Own Heart” (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Matt Dragstrem, Josh Thompson)^

5. “Watching Love Leave” (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Benjy Davis, Daniel Ross)^

6. “More Than Maybe” (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Jessie Jo Dillon, Jimmy Robbins)^

7. “These Tears” (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Laura Veltz, Jon Green)*

8. “Spring Cleaning” (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Josh Kerr, Tayla Parx)*

^ = Produced by Derek Wells & Jimmy Robbins

* = Produced by Derek Wells & Josh Kerr

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